Our Story

The day was November 9, 2013. Another day on the mountain, another day in the beautiful Alberta snow. But, for our founder, Josh Blais, it would be the day that changed his life forever. It would be the day that he would face one of the largest challenges life can throw at a person - becoming paralysed; losing movement and feeling from the waist down at the age of 20.

Hitting a lip and taking off, he came down in a location of little snowpack, and fell. The second he touched down, his legs were gone. He couldn't feel them, and he knew in that instant that something was very wrong. Airlifted by STARS from the mountain to Foothills Hospital in Calgary, he would soon learn of his prognosis:

He had broken his back in 5 places, and was a paraplegic - perhaps for the rest of his life.

Josh is just one of Millions of people a year that are traumatically injured - One of the people that have their life altered by circumstance, tragedy, conflict, or accident.

And, it can happen to each and everyone of us. A car crash, a fall, sickness, cancer, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We never believe it can happen to us, until it does.

But, it's what happens after the fact that inspires each and every one of us.

It is the tenacity, the strength, the grit, determination, and undying hope and belief that brings these people back. To face life's biggest challenges with a smile on their face, and a prayer in their heart. A manifestation of human will. To get better in the face of all the odds.

To NEVER give up, to NEVER give in.

Sapien Athletica is built on this inspiration.

Josh taking some of his first steps in 2013.

Josh in 2019.

Five years later Josh has beaten the odds stacked against him.

No longer a paraplegic and no longer confined to a wheelchair, he is on his feet again. Given an incredible second chance at life, he felt he had to do something to help those that have gone through similar circumstances.

Sapien was born out of this love for others and absolute inspiration by their stories of overcoming the odds, and continuing to live life on their own terms

Everyday people that become Superheros.

You too can help those that are going through the most difficult times in their lives. On every article of clothing, Sapien Athletica donates partial proceeds to rehab hospitals in the US and Canada, as well as First Responders that give second chances at life.

We are dedicated to helping people get better. Because there's nothing more inspiring than the human spirit; and, there's no better cause than giving second chances.

Because we are all Sapien.